dsc00398(originally published August 28, 2004) Led by movement co-founder Michael Gilson-De Lemos (”MG”), the LPPC is formed and adopted a strategic plan and goals as a test site for the new LIO process. These will be led by the LIO Libertarian Club which develops the Tampa Region: LPPC will handle governmental presence. Goals include over 15 years (based on a study of LP best practices): Continue reading


(originally published Aug 16, 2004, updated 1/2009) To get involved call 727-344-1038 today, or simply do the below and let us know about your success!–R. Swanson, co-founder of Pinellas movement.

The LPPC has adopted the same plan as the Libertarian Club of Tampa Bay for Pinellas to organize a Libertarian team in every precinct and get 30 people in public office as a first milestone; at present (2009) we have 11 in 19 positions and growing: Continue reading

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DSC09313_cropped_liteLeft: Recent social with guest speaker from Election Reform Coalition followed our quarterly review…LPPC ANNUAL MEETING DECEMBER 21st…Speaker, annual review, elections, get involved! Pinellas Libertarian Meeting info is now at: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/user/1014887/  Continue reading


DSC09323Join the LPPC and Club push to increase outreach and volunteers!

We’re pushing to get you with a bumper sticker or free windshield card …get out literature in every precinct… and put the volunteers in local appointive and elective office, or activist groups. Come to Club meeting for free Cards (above) and Handout starter pack to give to friends (or LPPC Continue reading


Pinellas Libertarians  met with new St Pete mayor  Bill Foster,  as part of effort meeting with many officials, candidates, and staff to let them be aware of Lib sites such as CATO and RPPI and issues of interest to Pinellas Libertarians. Our agenda: tax review, community policing,  opportunities on advisory boards where Libs can help such as Sister City boards.

Advocates_QUIZ_1We also handed out quizzes, and will continue until we get one to every official. Besides the new Mayor of St Pete, we met with Quiz-Libertarian friendly Kathleen Ford who worked in past with Libertarians  on common issues. LPPC members and worked on campaigns of both those elected and not such as Lib-friendly St. Pete Council 8 hopeful  Len Schmiege  (about 30% of the vote) on his first try who has worked with Libs on voter integrity and petition issues.   Libertarians also met with  State Rep Kriseman and also continue to alert leaders on issues of e.g. protecting the homeless. This is part of our push with the Libertarian Club to help get public officials in all parties aware of Libertarian voluntary approaches and resource links such as RPPI, ISIL and Heartland; we invite them to take the QUIZ and discover our work locally, and learn from them what they believe upcoming problems and opportunities might be.

INFO ON ELECTION: http://www.stpete.org/cityclerk/elections/index.asp and http://www.votepinellas.com/index.php?id=1559

(Article Updated in November)

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Use our new links to jump-start your activism at right! Just work your way down. In Florida, Pinellas County Libertarian Party of Florida affiliate has the largest number Continue reading