Official Pinellas Libertarian Meeting info is now at:


 Get on our activist e-mail/phone round robin for monthly activist protests, booths, speaker events, and monitoring of local boards at:


ADVISORY: The LPF site ( is posting inaccurate meeting info. Please use the below.


The real meetings are our phone round-robins and communication. You don’t need to travel across the county to find we have 12 dollars in our bank account to help freedom, we understand that. We realize that effective people are already busy people. Look at our links and projects. Call 727-344-1038 and tell us what you would like to do and what encouragement or information we can provide. Then we’ll set up a phone schedule to stay in touch, or you can use the Club at . We socialize once a year and hand awards and applause to those doing a fine job as e.g. the Light of Liberty program of , are in public office, doing coalition work, etc. It’s as simple as that. We transact very little “business” since adopting the PLAN goals, since focus is on implementing the PLAN.

The LPPC has an informal  “touchbase” intake meeting every  odd month on the 3rd Saturday at 7: 30 PM e.g. January, March, May, July, September, November . This follows the non-partisan Club meeting at 7 PM. The location is Starbuck’s in St Pete at Central and 66th Street. A North County get-acquainted meeting in Clearwater is on request. These 30 minute “Touchbase” meetings are to share wins/intake/opportunities and facilitated by eldest Libertarian present if no officer is available. Please RSVP so we know how many are coming at UPCOMING

Quarterly review meetings by the LPPC EC of the PLAN , and discussion of of public office and other opportunities occur the 21st of  March, June, September, and December (Annual meeting) at Upcoming above or TBA at LPPC yahoo announce group (see links).  Please call 727-344-1038 for information and RSVP.

Special EC meetings to transact business are called at the LPF yahoo group site (or phone notification of LPPC EC members) and are for all those expressing interest in attending.  To be aware of special meetings call 727-344-1038 to get on the Chair’s list. Business may also be transacted at the Annual Meeting.

Round-Robin phone meetings and communications are held constantly among the activists.

If you would like to vote at the Annual Meeting or join the EC, you must attend 2 consecutive quarterly or special LPPC EC formal meetings (not to be confused with informal “Intake” or “Touchbase“) and not have missed 2 in a row without reason to qualify, among other qualifications such as registration and one year membership in the LPPC (or be a founding member), unless excused.  After 2009, you must be a Libertarian in public office or have been so recently, or be involved in significant activism, to be on the LPPC EC unless waived by the LPPC EC. LPPC takes in very little money as a policy: the main reason for the LPPC EC is to handle governmental requirements, which can be time-consuming; and publicize or mentor the good work of supporters. LPPC members and supporters are encouraged to develop their own projects starting with the Light of Liberty system (see links at right).

As Libertarians organize precinct leaders  in each State House District, they will have semi-autonomous district action groups and meetings to develop their areas and directly elect their UnderSecretary and propose activity. As of 2009, we had a Libertarian for the first time in all but minor  precincts.