Welcome! Here are answers to common questions.

What are the Goals?

How do I learn about Libertarianism?

Libertarians champion rights and seek voluntary alternatives to coercive government programs. Besides LP national tools, check out:

It generally takes 4-5 years of effort before you know what you’re talking about as a Libertarian. However, if you get that the bias is voluntary solutions that protect rights, you have the drift.

What is the LPPC up to?

We have a growing number of people in local office, coalitions with many community groups, and members run a Club and radio show. We’re looking for volunteers to get Libertarian literature in front of every voter, build support in petition drives, and help solve community concerns. So…

How do I get help?

Put a bumper-sticker on your car (see LINK) and share our site with your address book. That’s 90% of the work right there in getting people aware. After that,

  • Check out ACTION LINKS at right and other links
  • We’re looking for precinct organizers to blanket their precincts with literature,  to learn of your activism, and people who seek appointive or elective office
  • Use the TELL PEOPLE section for help

How do I get on the LPPC board?

Simple. Hard work. We ask that you:

  • Be a pledged member approved by the LPPC for 2 years and support the 2004 Libertarian reference platform and show comprehension
  • Be in public office, a citizen task force, or have developed your precinct and attend meetings regularly
  • Show appropriate diplomacy and good character

First step is to be a VOTING MEMBER. Please  go to Apply! above.

What does the LPPC board do?

Handle Government paperwork and encourage the people in public office and activists, encourage community outreach, and stay out of the way of serious activists. It doesn’t “do” projects per se but encourages and develops activists. We’re a bottom-up group.

We also keep pseudo-libertarian bad hats from getting in or getting credibility by calling up our members and saying the affiliate has been dissolved or is inactive, insulting people at meetings , discouraging our people in office and running candidates who attack the Libertarianism or the LP, filing false documents and getting us fined, and other dirty tricks as has happened in the past…at least until we have enough actives to control such shenanigans which also afflict the Dems and GOPs .

How do I get on my local LPPC Board (General Assembly)?

Initially we’ll appoint you; thereafter, as teams are formed, by maintaining a Libertarian-leaning precinct team including regular re-contact and other activities of local voters. These will elect State House District Reps to the LPPC board.

Is there a plan someplace?

Yes. Go to Use our PLAN under Topics.

Who’re the current (2009) LPPC board and principals?

M. Gilson and R. Swanson co-founded the Florida Party and are movement figures. P. Molloy runs a radio show, and Julie edits the Florida Liberty. All are Libs in Public Office. Other members are local organizers and activists. Elections are every 2 years.

What else is supporting Libertarian work?

The Libertarian Club ( for reminders, report your wins) , part of an international effort, is on a non-partisan basis and as a morale organization doing increasingly almost all the LP’s used to do. Many people prefer to work through the Club.

I’m interested in appointive office.

We have a list of vacancies and can mentor you. We suggest that you take the citizen’s academy in your town and attend meetings of boards that interest you to make friends, understand the material, and see if there is a fit.

I want to run for elective office.

We suggest you do so by petition to build organization and recognition, do so first in non-0partisan office, and have been successfully in appointive office first. LPPC members will help mentor your effort. Understand that most people involved in successful Libertarian campaigns aren’t Libertarians but like what we do. For partisan offices which are basically at the state level, we suggest that you contact the State LP as well, and be completely familiar with the primary process.

I would like to do “armchair activism” or national issues.

Go to the links. Florida Liberty has growing tools. We’re a local group, not national, so check out for excellent national issues Libertarians are presently working on using e-tools. We also encourage phone calling and e-lobbying if you can committ some time.

If you don’t collect money, how do you get things done?

Members work in matching people with money to activists.

I have an activist project or coalition.

Let’s talk. We’l publicize it to the Club.