Public Office!

Bill_Sachs_FORMAL_headshotLeft: Architect Bill Sachs, who helped design the Florida Capitol and Kennedy Center, helped end the Public Cable TV Board subsidy, then return the Board to develop as a free web based service. He also has led local Libertarian campaigns that restored voting rights and helped the homeless design their own privately funded housing, to cut abuses and costs.

Pinellas is tops in the nation for people in public office, following the LIO best practice plan developed with the USLP. Be part of the team! There are more public office openings than Libertarians available to fill them. Most are appointive and involve a few hours a month (Thanks to Libertarians, most offices in Florida are appointive to make public participation easy: we have fewer public offices that are elected than New Hampshire).  We’ll walk you through.

We’re a top affiliate in public office in the US…and growing. Call 727-344-1038 for free mentoring, and check out opportunities and offices available at:

We’re looking for strict Libertarians but as long as you’re in general agreement and do not attack Libertarian positions we would like to talk with you. In general we seek to advance rights with the LIO-approved “NOW” approach: by looking at programs and normalizing improvement by maintaining accountable good management and transparency; promoting options that are voluntary with better  choice and quality; and a process to waive un-needed programs. People in non-partisan elective office are recommended by a poll of interested members but not endorsed per se, and run on or agree with the LPF 2002 and LIO international recommended elected official platform/USLP Program Committee recommended program:

  1. Work courteously with all groups, and carefully read all proposals
  2. Work line by line in measures, budgets for opportunities where voluntary approaches can do the job, or/and brainstorm with local groups, reading all proposals where others may not
  3. Work to help citizens address abuses to their rights

A few hours a month can really make a difference. Call us!