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2010- Documentation Year: Pinellas Libertarian Party of Florida Most Active

  • DSC09491County Commission Youth Advisor Board Member Kira¬†speaks on lowering park fees with Libertarian ideas. We can help you get in office…and make a difference! Check out activist photos.
  • How does the Libertarian Party of Florida and the LIO assess affiliate success? The Pinellas project has led the way using the LPF-LIO-USLP CAR standards. Continue reading

Hello world!

R. Swanson is in his 80's and working for rights. Are you?

R. Swanson is in his 80's and working for rights. Are you?

Our New Site up August 2009! Here’s an intro on what we do and Pinellas Libertarian history.

I’m Ralph Swanson. I co-founded the LPF and many LP state parties in 1970 with MG (Michael Gilson De Lemos, a movement co-founder and developer of many of our approaches) and also the Pinellas group, and for many years have also worked to co-ordinate international Libertarian activity via the LIO or Libertarian International Organization, and the ISIL.¬† I serve in local public office as a Libertarian, have handed out thousands of flyers, and am active in several coalitions. I’ve fought for racial justice, no income taxes, Sunshine Laws, De-regulation, and more. I invite you to do the same and build teams in your local precinct, which is what we need right now. Continue reading