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Pinellas Libertarian Party of Florida Project Goals Completed in 2010


Since 2004 Pinellas Libertarian Voter Registration INCREASED by 400+

Dear Pinellas Libertarian,

We are now an archive site.

The LPPC project goals were completed in February, 2010 and a historical website archive was created.  With nearly 70% of the State Party public offices held by Libertarians in Florida, we had surpassed the initial goals.

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Published December 6, 2008, memo. We ‘ve placed it here to be in the background.

NOTE: We were distressed by many LPPC people leaving Pinellas, either for health or the economic reasons.  But we’re really  unhappy with infiltration of much of the LP by anti-Libertarian ‘reformers’ or ‘radicals’ or people from other parties or groups.  Continue reading