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2010- Documentation Year: Pinellas Libertarian Party of Florida Most Active

  • DSC09491County Commission Youth Advisor Board Member Kira¬†speaks on lowering park fees with Libertarian ideas. We can help you get in office…and make a difference! Check out activist photos.
  • How does the Libertarian Party of Florida and the LIO assess affiliate success? The Pinellas project has led the way using the LPF-LIO-USLP CAR standards. Continue reading

Praise for LPPC

Praise for LPPC and members…

“My friend MG and the LPPC are systematically doing what all Libertarians interested in realistic change can and should do…”–Milton Friedman, honorary member

“We’re pleased to work with the LPPC on common issues, and they’ve been courteous, informed and professional…we Democrats might learn a thing or two from their attention to getting people in public office and attention to issues.”–Ed Helm, former Chair, Pinellas Democrats

“Libertarians are here at work in disaster relief and it’s good to see them out in the community…”–Rick Baker, Mayor, St Petersburg

“We want them back on our board…they care…”–letter and comments¬†from advisory board member

“While small, the LPPC is getting things done and making friends for Libertarianism…”–WTAN

“…leading the charge on state election reform…”–FOX NEWS

The Pinellas Libertarians are working to “make every vote count”–St. Petersburg Post

“Even one Libertarian makes a difference on” a board–St Pete Times

“The Libertarians are getting progress on several issues…”–WMNF