2010- Documentation Year: Pinellas Libertarian Party of Florida Most Active

  • DSC09491County Commission Youth Advisor Board Member Kira speaks on lowering park fees with Libertarian ideas. We can help you get in office…and make a difference! Check out activist photos.
  • How does the Libertarian Party of Florida and the LIO assess affiliate success? The Pinellas project has led the way using the LPF-LIO-USLP CAR standards.

CAR, or County Activity Report, was first developed by LIO leader M. Gilson, LP Political directorRon Crickenberger, and a team of Florida activist reviewers. Surprisingly, at that point there were no measures of LP success. The standards are “best practice” goals that look at what has already been done, how, and sets guidelines. The standards were developed to be done easily by the avaerage activist group at low cost. They are those of the LPPC /Lib Club plan (see previous article) with the addition of an LPF goal of 2% increase in registereds per year (plus processing e.g. sending of info packet or phone follow-up) by the state party and LIO Club until a best practice level of 120,000 (1000 per State House district) is attained. Pinellas agreed to pilot the standards with a focus on appointive office in the first 6 years and appointive/elective thereafter, Lee Region to use them as guidelines with a focus on elected office, and other LPF Regions as they developed. Additionally, Pinellas Libertarians work primarily through the LIO Club, a non-partisan group, with the LPPC focused on improving relations with other parties and the elections supervisor. Mr. Gilson agreed to personally supervise the project using the LP 2004 platform and LIO materials. (Lee focuses on conservative-Libertarian outreach with current LP materials). The result is the two areas ( a county and a multi-county region) have done better in all areas simultaneously in the period than the rest of the LP, which declined significantly using other approaches. (Costa Rica LP at www.libertario.org adopted similar guidelines and is also doing well with a Libertarian-Liberal centrist approach.) Final results were reviewed by Ralph Swanson, past LPF Chair and LIO Board advisor who also became actively involved. A full manual will be published in due course by LIO (www.Libertarian-International.org ) for use by all teams.

  • Since the LPPC Pinellas County Libertarian Party of Florida became an LPF affiliate in late 2004, Pinellas County has gained 400+ new Registered Libertarian Voters (about 50%)…Pinellas County has been ranked the #1 county in Florida with the highest number of Registered Libertarian Voters. Would you enjoy helping us hand out over 20,000 pieces of Libertarian literature  or share links such as DISCOVER LIBERTY, Lew Rockwell, ISIL, and more?? To get free pack.
  • Our aims this year: to complete the “I LEAP!” cycle with documentation, begin the Operation Saturation project test, prepare activist campaigns long tertm, and additional outreach to Lib in office prospects and people in office via the quiz.
  • Working in parallel with the non-partisan LIO Libertarian Club, we’ve seen our Libs in Public Office rise from 0 to 12 in  5 years. We also played a material role through outreach materials in the election of a Libertarian mayor in Pasco.  Info.
  • In coalition with many community groups, we’ve a  growing list of policy wins and projects in tax reduction, election reform, and more! We don’t ask your money, we do ask your involvement. Besides handling the government paperwork…We spread the word, help set an example,  mentor on what works, and save you time and money with free manuals  and tools (plenty more at right), plus reminder groups and phone calls to keep you pumped up. We know you’ll do the rest. Consider registering Libertarian…and have a ball and join us at our next meeting, below…and bring family and a friend.

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