2009:Political Surge Year

(Left) Pinellas Libertarian meeting St. Petersburg FL Mayor, Bill Foster (right)
(originally published November 8, 2009) We started the year with 9 Libertarians in local appointive public office (UPDATE 11/2009: We have 12 in 22 offices), a high for a county affiliate of our size for the entire US LP, plus helped substantively in neighboring Pasco in getting Florida’s first recent elected Libertarian mayor, and worked hard in getting several Constitutional Initiatives to cut taxes passed, including a near doubling of the Homestead Exemption.

We bid goodbye to quite a few activists who have moved on for reasons of age, health or the economy. Pinellas Libertarians are laying groundwork this year and re-contacting with the local Club to build district/precinct teams in the next few years. This is a first for the LP and what has been done in e.g. Costa Rica LP.  UPDATE 2009/8: Participate at: ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LibertarianPinellasOrganizers/ ) These include:

  • More people in office and several in multiple offices, including 2 youths on youth boards…on 3 boards! We’re also talking to several mayoral candidates interested in participating via the Club.
  • Prepare mass materials distribution to 10% of voters such as with the DISCOVER LIBERTY tabloid (We’re working with the CLUB [ http://www.tampabaylibs.org/index.htm ] participants and a benefactor to purchase the remaining 40,000 for that purpose as they’re being retired; if not, we’ll be –and you can start–using LP materials [ http://www.lpstuff.com/shop/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=161 ], the QUIZ [ http://www.lpstuff.com/shop/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=50 ], or issue papers from www.ISIL.org. There are LPPC or LIO materials under design for community development).
  • Prepare re-contact and solicitation of volunteers for public office, precinct outreach, state initiatives, and issue activism
  • Soliciting interest in advancing strong Libertarian proposals directly via the initiative
  • Encourage precinct development by saturation outreach of materials
  • Discussions with people in office of other parties interested in joining the LP, the Club, or working co-operatively on common issues

We finished participation in the Adopt-A-Road program, with thousands seeing Libertarian Club or simply “Libertarian” signs daily in 5 areas throughout the county.


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