2008: Activism Year

cropped-dsc06271.jpg(Left: LPPC Chair, movement co-founder MG, left, and Pinellas delegates get full attention as they meet with Congressman Barr, Dr. Phillies, and other potential LP national candidates. Originally published December 27, 2008) This year our major focus: building through activism. We:
  • Now have 9 Libs in Public office, including assistance in helping neighboring Pasco get Florida’s first recent Libertarian mayor
  • Praise: At our meeting we enjoyed a very nice letter from one of the boards we’re on, praising our Libs in public office
  • Wins on homeless, election coalitions;  ‘bedroom nazi’ laws: these included a supporter subsidized tent city for the homeless that got national attention; a change in Florida laws towards ballot accountability; and defeat of laws that would regulate personal bedroom behavior under cover of ecological safety.
  • Wins on taxes: the  lobbying team made of  Club supporters and LPPC made many calls on behalf of the increase of the homestead exemption, which we helped formulate in various hearings and fora
  • Put Barr campaign to work in outreach.

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