2007:Education and Outreach Year

Lib Bookshelf (originally published November 2, 2007) Member and Supporter Projects included:
  • Lib bookshelves and talks at several local libraries and bookstores (photo)
  • Daily radio show reaching 4 counties with interviews from John Stossel to local activists and developers of Libertarian alternatives
  • Proposing and participating in Homeless Summit
  • Cable TV Show on affordable housing and warning of the housing crisis
  • Monthly Adopt-A-Road and Outreach events
  • Meeting with or contacting over 200 local opinionmakers resulting in a slew of media mentions and stories
  • Formation of a call team to work on legislative issues with success in tax, anti-bullying and other areas
  • Bi-monthly tabling events
  • Meeting with opinion leaders and local groups on tax amendment issues, particularly homestead exemption rise
  • Continued distribution of Libertarian literature
  • 4 more Libertarians in local office with successful activities in promoting home-schooling, postal home services, and cable public access issues.

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